Striped cotton mattress

Item number: MP-70180-35
RRP:€ 100.00 VEJL. PRIS:DKK 725.00
Colour: Off white, dark honey
Material: Cotton, cotton filling
Additional info: Spot clean with a damp cloth
Measures: 70x180 cm
Weight: 5.150 kg


Striped woven cotton mattress.

Upholster your daybed or give your sofa a new look and extra comfort by adding a mattress.
Place the mattress directly on the terrace or on the ground to create a place for a short time out.
The possibilities are many and who can get enough of prints in beautiful colours and soft surfaces?

Avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight, as some colors may fade.
This mattress has all over stripes and handles for carrying.

The filling is shredded cotton remnants from the production and the durable cotton quality will withstand cleaning with a damp cloth.



EAN: 2500458686989
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