Beldi drinking glass

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Beldi drinking glass

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      Colour: Green
      Material: Recycled glass
      Additional info: Dishwasher safe. Recycled materials and handmade items may vary
      Measures: D:7 x12 cm / 30 cl
      Weight: 0.150 kg


      Original Beldi glass from Marrakech in southwestern Morocco.
      The iconic glass has been manufactured by Le Verre Beldi since 1940 and is made entirely from locally recycled glass.
      Each glass is mouth-blown and the production ensures the survival of traditional craftsmanship and creates jobs for the local community.

      Due to the recycled material and the mouth-blown process small air bubbles may occur.
      We like it as it gives the product character, especially when knowing that the small imperfections are caused by the hands of the craftsmen.

      The glass can withstand both hot and cold liquids and is used in Morocco to serve the traditional mint tea.

      It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

      EAN: 2500311953852
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