Printed cotton chair pad

Item number: CP-4545-122
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Printed cotton chair pad

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      Colour: Olive, ecru, blue, mustard
      Material: Cotton, cotton filling
      Additional info: Spot clean with a damp cloth
      Measures: 45x45 cm
      Weight: 0.850 kg

      Colourful chair pad inspired by original Indian block prints.

      Make your chair more comfortable with this seating pad or use it directly on the terrace or the ground to create your favorite spot.

      Avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight, as some colors may fade.
      This chair pad has an all-over print and ties in the corners.
      The filling is shredded cotton remnants from the production and the durable cotton quality will withstand cleaning with a damp cloth.

      EAN: 2501068019853
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