Printed paper lighting star

Item number: MS2111-25-L
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Printed paper lighting star

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      Colour: Cream, black, raspberry
      Material: Recycled paper
      Additional info: Bulb holder not included. LED bulb is recommended. Recycled materials may vary
      Measures: D:100 cm
      Weight: 0.200 kg


      The printed paper stars are inspired by traditional Indian block print patterns and are made from recycled paper.
      You can use them as a hanging decoration at Christmas time or you can add a cable and a bulb and use the star as a lampshade.
      They are sure to spread a warm glow in cold seasons or brighten up any dark corner of your home.

      The item is sold without cable and bulb.
      Find our collection of bulb holders in the lighting category.
      We recommend that you use an LED bulb.

      EAN: 2500923621118