Re-used wooden trays

Item number: MND182
RRP:€ 38.00 VEJL. PRIS:DKK 275.00
Colour: Natural
Material: Recycled wood
Additional info:

Set of 3. Re-used items will vary in colour, shape and size

Measures: Assorted sizes. Approx.25x34x5 cm
Weight: 0.650 kg



Re-used set box from a block print production in India. 

All boxes are different in shape and design and it is not a fault if your box has scratches and misalignments as this is a re-used product.
The small differences each tell a story of the worker who, day after day, has used the box as one of the most important work tools.

We hope you will enjoy the story of the past and find a good new use for the boxes.



EAN: 2502596717600