Seagrass lamp shade

Item number: MKS2101281
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Seagrass lamp shade

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      Colour: Natural
      Material: Seagrass, iron
      Additional info: Cord is not included. Natural materials may vary in shape and colour
      Measures: D:65x10 cm
      Weight: 0.600 kg

      This lampshade made of natural materials adds an authentic savannah feel to your decor.

      Whether you choose to hang the lamp indoors in your home, on your terrace, in your garden or elsewhere, the soft light flowing through the blades of grass will give you a beautiful and calm atmosphere.

      Mount the lamp by guiding the cord from the inside out so that the socket is hidden under the beautiful shape of the lampshade.
      The wiring hole is 3,5 cm.

      Natural and untreated materials will change color when exposed to daylight.

      EAN: 2500747196823