Stoneware vase w/ handles

Item number: NEP-02
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Stoneware vase w/ handles

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      Colour: Mustard
      Material: Stoneware
      Additional info: Colours will vary. Handmade items may vary in shape and size
      Measures: Approx. D:30x30 cm
      Weight: 3.730 kg


      These fine stoneware vases are sourced from Eastern Europe and tell a fantastic story of skilled craftsmanship.
      They are all different and unique due to the hand thrown and hand painted processes.

      The colour varies from yellow to brown and black, surface can be both smooth and rough, just as the size and shape are not fixed. We are captivated by all the little imperfections and variations that add to the originality.



      EAN: 2501771480568
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