Wooden coat rack w/ carvings

Item number: MU02
RRP:€ 27.00 VEJL. PRIS:DKK 195.00
Colour: Natural
Material: Recycled wood, iron
Additional info: 3-4 hooks. Assorted designs and sizes. Recycled materials items may vary
Measures: Approx. 40x6x4 cm
Weight: 1.000 kg


This decorative coat rack is made from recycled wood found in demolished buildings.
We are happy to be able to give new life to materials that are still beautiful and useful.

The products are all different in both size and decoration and testify to the skills and style of the individual craftsman.
We love that this way you can find the coat rack that is the very best match for your home.

EAN: 2501495616434
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