Recycled kantha throw

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Recycled kantha throw

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      Colour: Multi coloured
      Material: 100% re-used cotton fabric from old saris
      Additional info: Each piece is unique. Wash gently in cold water. Re-used materials may vary
      Measures: 100x200 cm
      Weight: 0.600 kg


      This throw is made from up-cycling used cotton saris in various colourful prints. Saris worn by women in local areas of India telling their own story of life.

      Each throw consists of several layers of fabric, which are put together using the traditional kantha technique, which is characterized by hand-stitched lines.
      The prints may be different on both sides and stains or small patch repairs may occur - that is part of the charm of an authentic vintage product.

      Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and it may be necessary for you to set aside time to find the one that suits your taste and your home perfectly.

      Made by hand - chosen by heart.

      EAN: 2501057455082
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