Showroom saisonnier



We invite you to leave your daily worries behind and embrace the youthful spirit of spontaneous adventures. Surround yourself with pieces that inspire a sense of wanderlust and embody the free-spirited essence of a modern gipsy

In this curated collection, we love the timeless artistry of hand-made items, as each piece bears the fingerprints of process, adding warmth and craftsmanship to your home.


Our SS24 collection is based on influences that consistently remain at the heart of our designs: marrying ancient craft traditions with our boho aesthetic, mixing beautiful prints, and using materials that are respectful of the environment.

Handcrafted with meticulous care, our items are made from recycled, upcycled, and eco-friendly materials, embodying sustainability at its core.

Enjoy the new collection – as always: MADE BY HAND · CHOSEN BY HEART

INFUSE YOUR HOME WITH WARM VIBES by setting a table filled with tone-in-tone hues that beautifully mirror the blossoming outdoors.
EMRACE THE SPIRIT OF SPRING with vibrant Easter decor and fill your space with a burst of juicy notes that capture the essence of blooming flowers.


Made by hand · Chosen by heart