Key hanger w/ tassel

Item number: NDMS115
RRP:€ 11.75 VEJL. PRIS:DKK 85.00
Colour: Orange, peach, lavender, green, black
Material: Cotton cord, iron
Additional info: A packing unit is 3 of each colour. Handmade items may vary
Measures: L:15 cm
Weight: 0.020 kg


Since 2015, Madam Stoltz has been involved in an Empowerment Program for women in a slum area near Delhi, India.
Through the program, women can participate in skills development courses to improve their chances of finding employment and ultimately becoming financially independent.

The colourful key hangers are handmade by the talented women at Nai Disha.

We are so proud to know and be able to help these women.
Thanks for helping us help Nai Disha.

EAN: 2501058219973
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