Printed washbag

Item number: PCP-111-L
RRP:€ 17.25 VEJL. PRIS:DKK 125.00
Colour: Green, white
Material: Cotton
Additional info: Machine wash 30 C
Measures: 27x19 cm
Weight: 0.065 kg


Printed washbag adorned with a handmade tassel made from the women of Nai Disha's Empowerment Program in New Delhi.

The women create tassels for all our purses and washbags, which improves each piece with distinctive flair while every purchase supports the womens journey towards financial independence.

Read more about Nai Disha's Empowerment Program and The Nai Disha Educational & Cultural Society on our website.

We recommend that you remove the tassel before machine washing your product.



EAN: 2501068304898
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